Sascha Schuh CEO of ASCON Resource Management Holding GmbH and one of the Managing Directors of ELS GmbH. He studied business management at the University of Cologne and Passau University. After his graduation in 1991, he worked as an executive management assistant for Der Grüne Punkt - Duales System Deutschland GmbH, where he later headed the general administration department from 1992 to 1995. In 1995, he was made head of the sorting quality management department and "Prokurist" (i.e. he was given the authority to represent the company) at the DSD GmbH subsidiary Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kunststoffrecycling mbH. He founded ASCON Gesellschaft für Abfall und Sekundärrohstoff Consulting mbH in 2000 and became its Managing Director. Furthermore, Sascha Schuh is U.S. ASCON Corporation's President and Chairman of the Board of ELS Romania.

Katrin Schuh one of the CEOs of ASCON Resource Management Holding GmbH and ASCON GmbH. She heads the HR and finance departments of the group of companies. Katrin Schuh studied business management at Passau University; in 1992, she wrote her final thesis on the implementation and allocation impact of the dual system at the local government level. After her graduation in 1994, she ran her own tourism company until 2004.

Andreas Henn

...started with ASCON GmbH in May 2017, since October '17 he has been acting as Managing Director and since January 2018 aditionally as SORTcycle's Managing Director. He obtained his MBA in "Technical Environmental Protection" in Paderborn. Andreas Henn has more than fifteen years of experience in all areas of the packaging waste disposal value creation chain. He managed various waste disposal business sites before he joined a dual system company for ten years, during which he held various positions: Initially, he worked as a sorting regional manager and manager; later on, he was responsible for the introduction of bins for recyclable packaging, for example, before he was made head of the take-back systems department.

Thomas Koch

...has been the senior project manager waste collection and treatment systems since January 2011. He studied machine engineering at the University of Kassel. After his graduation, he joined DKR Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kunststoffrecycling mbH in Cologne, a Duales System Deutschland GmbH subsidiary, as a project engineer in the sorting quality management department in June 1996. From 2007 to late 2010, Thomas Koch worked for MVW GmbH, again as a project engineer, where he was responsible for preparing feasibility studies and the implementation of a quality management system for substitute fuel manufacturers all over the world. 

Angela Emons

…has been the head of the ASCON Resource Management Holding GmbH communications and PR department since 2012, which also handles all communications and PR for all subsidiaries. The communication expert's past professional experience includes working for Duales System Deutschland GmbH in various different positions. After her graduation, she became involved in the communications side of the establishment and expansion of the dual packaging waste disposal system in the 1990s, which allowed her to acquire comprehensive expertise in this industry. She has also worked internationally: As the head of communications and general secretary of PRO EUROPE, the European umbrella organisation for packaging and packaging waste recovery and recycling schemes, she addressed the issues of packaging licensing and disposal Europe- as well as world-wide.

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