Secondary raw materials are the future. Since many years the collection, sorting and recycling of waste have been established in Germany – and they are getting more and more efficient. The treatment of waste is meanwhile high-tech and ergo the quality of secondary raw materials increases constantly. Times of down-cycling are a thing of the past. Quite the contrary: Germany is on its path to become a land of resources by high-tech recycling although it does not have own raw material deposits. This development is a great chance for the industry to distinguish itself worldwide by professional know-how, it lowers the dependency of raw materials as well as the dependency of volatile prices and politically instable export countries.

Therefore, ASCON trades with valuable raw materials, we buy them, we sell them, we recycle them and bring them to market. Our activities are focused on foils, hard plastics, technical plastics and paper. 


Centers of Secondary Raw Materials

We expand these operative businesses. With several own raw material centers in Germany ASCON and ELS close the resource loop. In these centers various material streams of the Holding’s collecting systems are brought together, enhanced by sorting, on demand pressed to bales and passed to qualified recycling companies which produce new products. Furthermore, we use these branches for the transshipment and quality improvement of secondary raw materials. At all these steps we always intend to design the recycling process as environmental friendly as possible.

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