ASCON possesses own take back and recycling systems as well as longtime established structures. All our customers benefit from these synergies. Via the following systems we collect, recycle and trade secondary raw materials:


ASCON is the first company in Germany which built up a nationwide, independent disposal chain for old pharmaceuticals. In the framework of producer responsibility we collect and recover old/used pharmaceuticals and their packaging. Since 1 January 2012 also used batteries, packaging of paper and carton as well as empty plastic packaging are taken back and recycled. ASCON developed a concept of collection and recycling and takes care for the entire recovery handling from station. Therefore, we are able to provide successful recycling chains which meet with all requirements of QS systems.


Until a few years ago an infrastructure for the disposal of car workshops was completely missing. This was argued by contamination, adhesion and sometimes risky ingredients which would make a recycling often more difficult. Foils and other materials only were burned – and this is no longer state of the art to handle resources.

So ASCON has developed an alternative concept for the collection and recovery in the last years and meanwhile takes over the entire recovery handling from the point of origin. This was realised by the installation of an infrastructure in cooperation with workshops, car dealerships and other sectors of industry. This collaboration enables the take back of not only secondary raw materials but also packaging at central stations and workshops. Certainly, we meet with all respective legal requirements. Our target is a high quality recycling by an efficient pre-sorting of materials. Workshops and larger sources of waste generation are offered to press their plastic foils and packaging locally with a mobile squeezer followed by a high-grade recycling.


Nationwide ASCON collects agrofoils from plastic in cooperation with the Federal Organization of Machinery Syndicates or the German Association for Raiffeisen. Agrofoils are high-value secondary raw materials which should definitely not be burned nowadays. Agriculturalists and larger sources of waste generation are offered to press their plastic foils locally with a mobile squeezer before being recycled at a high level. Since 1 January 2010 we have also taken back and recycled used batteries and wheels.

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