Raw materials are exhaustible – this has meanwhile become a matter of common knowledge. Respectively, the requirements of national and international environmental and waste legislation get more ambitious concerning waste prevention and product stewardship and go for high results in the future. The worldwide shortage of resources as well as the increase of commodity prices show future shortages of raw materials so that there will be a development from a waste management towards a professional resource management.

At this point the ASCON services start. Product stewardship and the organization of the different waste disposal streams cover the whole scope of products brought into the market. The ASCON team offers its clients more than 20 years of qualified, flexible and innovative consulting for solving problems and optimized solutions in each case. We are your professional consultant and project tutor for topics as e. g. amendments of the German Packaging Directive, international packaging legislations, for WEEE, the Battery Ordinance, the Waste Framework Directive, REACH as well as for international export guidelines of secondary raw materials.


The consultation team also provides a more than 20 years’ experience in international waste disposal economy and environmental legislation. As examples ASCON consults in Iraq and Jordan in case of the implementation of a waste management system, a study was carried out by order of the Credit Bank for Reconstruction (KfW) in Thailand regarding the implementation of a dual system, in the Emirate of Qatar local government authorities were supported in the planning and implementation of a modern waste collection and recycling system, for the Norwegian collection system plastretur in Italy an utilization system for plastic packaging was introduced and operated. Furthermore an international technology platform for sorting technology was build up in Eastern Europe.


Our experience plus reliable, professional and creative consulting guarantee our customers innovative solutions in each case. Our focus is on our customers, we discuss questions and approaches to solve problems from different perspectives. Respectively, we successfully consult local authorities, municipalities, international waste management companies and recovery systems as well as recyclers.  


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